Metroid: Other M (Wii)

The latest entry in Nintendo’s venerable Metroid franchise is deeply flawed. Team Ninja gives us a tap-dancing pig smeared with lipstick when all we want is unadulterated bacon.

Most of Other M’s problems are so conspicuous I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the result of a big fish or two being so married to an idea that they couldn’t see how much the implementation detracted from the gameplay.

Strip away the obvious gristle:

And there’s still some fat to trim:

What’s left are the bones of a decent Metroid, not the bacon we had hoped for.

Despite all these flaws, I played through the game a number of times on both Normal and Hard. Team Ninja clearly didn’t do everything wrong but its hard to ignore how much better the experience could have been with some egoless self-editing during the development process.